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Swimming Woman Road Work Complete

It’s been a long time coming, but after 2 years of work, Swimming Woman Road is completely finished and open for use. During the flood of 2011 the road was extensively damaged with parts being totally washed away. It was at this time decided to re-route the road to the west of it’s original location, resulting in a longer delay of opening the road, but the new route should avoid the same extreme damage should Swimming Woman Creek flood again in the future.


Swimming Woman Road Open With Hazardous Designation

Beginning May 22, 2013 Swimming Woman Road will be open to motorized traffic, but will be signed to alert traffic that the road is considered Hazardous, and drivers use the road at their own risk. Traffic on this roadway must stay on the roadway itself or they will be cited for trespass.
Work on this road is expected to resume on or around June 1, 2013 to complete the project.

Update on Swimming Woman Road

Swimming Woman Road is currently open to motorized traffic from Judith Gap Road north to where Swimming Woman Creek crosses the road at the old Bill Weber place. Changes to the status of this road may take place this week, and will be posted here as they occur.

Swimming Woman Road

The County has been notified the contractor working on Swimming Woman Road will resume work in June. Please call the Courthouse for the current status of this roadway.

Swimming Woman Road

Updated as of today.  County Road equipment is being moved to the first wash-out and repairs will begin starting 09/18/2011 to only the first wash-out.  This road will remain closed untill further notice because of other wash-outs in the road above this point.  The Land owners have asked that we remind folks not to trespass on private property.