Burn Permits Mandatory in Golden Valley County

The Golden Valley Commissioners passed and approved Resolution 2014-#4 during their regular meeting on January 7, 2014 requiring a Burn Permit to be applied for and issued through the Sheriff’s Office for any “open burning”. Permit applications are available at the Courthouse in Ryegate during regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from the Sheriff’s, Treasurer’s or Clerk and Recorder’s Offices or on-line at the Golden Valley County Website: http://www.co.golden-valley.mt.us The new Resolution includes MCA 50-63-103 provision, “You Are Liable for any and all fire suppression costs or damages resulting from an escaped or uncontrollable fire. Minimum restitution for fire suppression costs will be $250.00. Burning without a permit (other than a recreational fire or a screened burn barrel-see Application Instructions) will be charged with a Misdemeanor Offense. Once a permit application has been approved (it will be valid for 2 years) the permittee will be assigned a Permit Number and be required to call in each and every time that a burn is planned for permission. The Permit Number will need to be provided each time permission to burn is requested.


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